Hasan Minhaj, who is typically spotted on The Daily Show, was in the nations capital on Saturday night to host the White House Correspondents Dinner( WHCD ).

President Donald Trump was not in attendance, which is slightly controversial.

The last president to skip the WHCD was Ronald Reagan. But he had a far better excuse for not running hed recently been shot in an assassination try and was recovering.

Instead of going to the WHCD, Trumpheld a rally in Pennsylvania, which was full of empty seats andreportedly attended by members of a skinhead group.( Upper-class Daily reached out to a representative for President Trump on the presence of skinhead groups at his Pennsylvania rally but did not hear back at the time of publishing .)

In spite of his absence, Trump couldnt escape get roasted by host Minhaj.

Here are some of the best Trump burns from Minhajs speech at the WHCD 😛 TAGEND

King Joffrey is president and it feels like the Red Wedding in here.

Game of Thrones references FTW.

We gotta address the elephant thats not in the room.


The leader of our country is not here, and thats because he lives in Moscow. Its a very long flight. Vlad cant just make it on a Saturday As for the other guy, I think hes in Pennsylvania because he cant take a joke.

Putin definitely laughed at that joke.

I get whyDonald Trump didnt want to be roasted tonight. By the looks of him, hes been roasting non-stop for the past 70 years.


Historically, the president usually performs at the Correspondents Dinner. But I believe I speak for all of us when I say hes done far too much bombing this month.


We are living in the golden age of lying. Now is the time to be a liar, and Donald Trump is liar-in-chief.

He has a point.

Trump surely felt these burns all the way in Pennsylvania.

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