“To somehow cover up the impending economic crisis, a special operation called COVID-19 was launched,” says Professor Valentin Katasonov. In an interview with BUSINESS Online, he discusses why the “masters of money” are expanding their attack on humanity, why it is necessary to read Herbert Wells to understand the world behind the scenes and why Russia decided to launch a program of genetic correction.


  • Valentin Yurievich, we met at the end of 2019, then in an interview you said that the crisis is inevitable, but did not name the terms. The fact that it happened so soon was a surprise for you?
  • As we were talking, there were already signs of economic crisis in a number of countries. I got acquainted with the economic statistics of Japan, Italy for the fourth quarter of 2019, which signaled that the economic downturn had already begun in these countries. Therefore, I do not rule out that in order to somehow cover up the impending economic crisis, a special operation called COVID-19 was launched. Everything was written off as a virus, although in reality the reasons are deep, fundamental and have existed for at least three centuries (I mean the time of capitalism). As always, they (“masters of money”) have gone away from answering the main question, “What are the fundamental causes of the crisis? – and they wrote everything off to the coronavirus.
Professor Valentin Katasonov in BUSINESS Online

Valentin Katasonov, BUSINESS Online photo.
Recently I have watched retrospectively some materials of leading consulting companies, in particular McKinsey. Apparently, in 2019 I missed the October report, which predicts that in the world in the near future may disappear from a third to half of all banks. The experts of McKinsey understand perfectly well the true causes of the crisis, so that there would be a coronavirus or not, but the crisis would happen. So far, of course, there is no such mass moratorium on banks, but, according to my data, it could really start in the near future. This is the subject of a separate conversation.

  • So the coronavirus wasn't the trigger that triggered the crisis after all?
  • It added depth to the crisis. But of course, the fact is that COVID-19's special operation had several objectives. First, it's some kind of smoke screen covering the impending global crisis. Secondly, some kind of training, teachings, whether people can be driven into self-isolation in a short period of time (as they call it), but in reality it is a voluntary forced prison sentence. Half of humanity was under house arrest, its terms were different, but nevertheless this pilot project, from the point of view of its organizers, worked, succeeded. So I think they will further deepen and expand the offensive against humanity. So we cannot rule out other provocations, maybe a second wave of pandemics or terrorist attacks like September 11, 2001 will start. By the way, it is from that very day onwards that a new world order, or a “wonderful new world”, in the words of Aldous Huxley, was being built.
  • Who are the organizers of this special operation?
  • I call them the masters of money – the major shareholders of the federal reserve system. By the way, I noticed that many authors use the word “they” – a certain mysterious group of people. For example, John Coleman and his book, The Committee of 300, are the same “they” or “masters of money.” It's a world behind the scenes that's been around for centuries. It's just that in the 20th century, they started to act more impudently and openly. I just handed in a book on dystopia. In particular, I have there an essay about Herbert Wells, author of a number of science fiction novels, anti-utopias. Even his “Time Machine” is a terrible dystopia. In addition, he wrote programmatic works, one of which is Legal Conspiracy. In it, openly and boldly, Herbert Wells voiced world behind-the-scenes plans. He himself belonged to the Anglo-Saxon top, was a member of the Committee 300. So read H.G. Wells is a world behind-the-scenes ideologist, not some science fiction.


  • “From my point of view, a pandemic is a kind of smoke screen, designed to hide attempts of the financial oligarchate to hold another powerful round of property redistribution,” said Sergei Glazyev recently. Do you agree with him?
  • I would raise the bar of assessment: not just redistribution of property, it's another step towards seizing world power. Power is above property. In fact, property is the means by which the highest power, in terms of the world behind the scenes, is achieved. There are thousands of books on this subject, written about it in the Holy Scriptures. Do you remember when Christ was tempted by the devil in the wilderness? Jesus fasted for 40 days, walked in the desert, then the devil appeared. “Turn the stones into bread,” the devil said. This is a temptation of wealth. But Christ said that man was not fed with bread alone. Then there was the temptation of glory when the devil lifted Christ to the top of the temple in Jerusalem, “Come down, the angels will catch you, and then all will realize that you are superhuman. Christ rejected this temptation, too. The third was when the devil lifted Jesus to the highest mountain and showed the whole world from it. “All these cities and scales belong to me,” the devil said. – Bow down to me, and all this will be yours”. This is a temptation by power. The theme is eternal. Therefore, of course, it is not property that matters, but power.
  • Now they, it turns out, are not powerful enough?
  • They don't have full power yet, so that's their ultimate goal. I've been following the reports of the Club of Rome for over 50 years. In 1968, this organization was created behind the scenes. By the way, Coleman believes that this is the most important of the legal structures, which works in teams and for the “Committee of 300”. In these reports, the tasks that lead to the final goal are grounded in scientific form. The first task is to control demographic processes, but not just control, but to reduce population.
  • I read in your article that they want to reduce the population to 1 billion.
  • Yes, that's absolutely right. They're talking about the “gold billion”, but in fact only a million is “gold”, and 999 million is “dirty”, the ones that work and serve the “gold million”.

The second task is de-industrialization, the destruction of the real sector of the economy. From the viewpoint of the world behind the scenes, the current industry is depleting the bowels of the Earth, polluting the environment, and all this as if belongs to them – the “chosen people”. Herbert Wells believed that the Anglo-Saxons, but there are other versions of who the “chosen people” are.

Next comes the goal of destroying and blurring national sovereignty. Haven't we seen it for 30 years of Russia's existence? We can clearly see how Russia's national sovereignty is being blurred. Even if we talk about the sphere of finance, it is the removal of any restrictions on the cross-border movement of capital, that is, in fact, if we open the windows and doors of our house, it becomes impossible to maintain the temperature in the house. This is an image of the process of blurring national sovereignty. Another task is to digitize and build an electronic concentration camp. We also felt it well now, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, the last task, which is the ultimate goal, is world government and the establishment of the world order that Herbert Wells openly wrote about in his work in 1928. Sometimes referred to the protocols of the Zion sages, but please take the book of H.G. Wells, however, it is not translated into Russian. But I think it'll show up soon. The term “new world order” is on the move today. Where did it come from? Well, at least it was already used in the Wells days. We gotta dig deep, it's where it comes from.

  • How does the current crisis help achieve the goals you've listed?
  • I've said before that any crisis for “moneylenders” is the name of the heart. For them, it's a way of redistributing property in their favor. Understand that the model that has existed for 300 years is the model of usurious money capitalism. It is an economy in which money is born out of the fact that banks issue loans. You know that we have a two-tier banking system, in Russia and all over the world, with rare exceptions: the Central Bank, which issues cash, and there are commercial banks that create several times as much money as deposit or non-cash money. The proportion in the world is roughly the same: 10 percent of cash and 90 percent of non-cash money, which is created by commercial banks. Unfortunately, even some economists do not understand this simple truth. That is, under one ruble placed on deposit, a commercial bank can create several new rubles, roughly speaking, up to 10. And in some countries there is not even any regulation, they can “print” this non-cash money without restrictions, as long as there is demand for it. This model is already coming to the end of its existence.

Let me explain it by an example. The mass of money is determined by the amount of loans issued. Let's assume that in country X, banks have issued loans worth 1 million units. So, there should be more interest, roughly speaking, 10. The total liabilities are 1 million 100 thousand monetary units, and the money in circulation is only a million, i.e. there are not enough funds to pay back all the debts. As a result, it turns out, like in a children's game, where a child lacks a chair, it is an image of bankruptcy.

In order to somehow support the economy (not to cause crises every year), banks say: “We will refinance your debt and give you a new loan”. With new loans, you will cover your obligations under previous loans. As a result, a debt pyramid is built up. The clients of banks get used to refinancing their debts and giving new loans. And so the person comes for the 10th time, and they say that they will not be given any more. Do you have any idea why? It is very simple: all collateral options have been exhausted.

Remember in Shakespeare's “The Merchant of Venice” there was a loan shark, Shylock, who said: “I'm not interested in interest, I'm interested in collateral”. So banks redistribute assets, property, wealth in favor of the “masters of money”. With each round of the crisis, wealth is tightening more and more in one hands. In old political economy textbooks, this process was called centralization and concentration of capital. In fact, sooner or later all wealth will end up in the hands of the “masters of money”, unless, of course, this process is stopped. Moreover, all the wealth of the world will eventually belong to the “masters of money”, and people will owe them more.

  • But is there any way to stop the process?
  • This is a very serious question. For such a thing, we must first understand with whom we are dealing. I am not sure that among your readers at least one in 10 or 100 understands how this mechanism works. Moreover, I think that among your readers there are a lot of people who use the services of commercial banks quite carelessly, which is not safe.
  • Do you manage not to use the services of banks?
  • Completely, of course, one cannot do without banks today. If possible, I minimize my relations with banks. And certainly I do not use their credits. Once again, I repeat that the banking world is a two-tier structure: at the top is the Central Bank, and at the bottom – commercial banks. The Central Bank issues cash. Cash bills in your wallet are the production of the Central Bank, and non-cash bills, which are on an account somewhere in the bank, are already the production of the printing press of a commercial bank, and this, as they say in Odessa, is two big differences. If people do not begin to understand the difference, it is unlikely that the process will be stopped.
Photo: “BUSINESS Online”

That is why it is better to stop the process not somewhere at the level of the State Duma, where (sorry for the rude word) old people discuss some laws, but at the level of universities, where people are still able to absorb some knowledge and the process of human formation is not over yet. It is even better to do it at school or kindergarten, and even better in the family: explain to the child that two times two is four, not five or three. And today, as for George Orwell: an important party bonza O'Brien in the Ministry of Love (in fact, it is the police and security service) in questioning all the time Winston Smith: “So how many times is it two?” Reread Orwell, this is about our time today.


  • In one of your articles you wrote that chipping and vaccination are related. Is this one of the options for driving everyone to a digital concentration camp? Is it possible to chip everybody through the vaccine and do this in bulk?
  • I am not that deep in the matter, in this case I am relying on foreign sources. These nanovaccines contain certain nanochips that are injected into people and remain there forever. These nanoparticles make it possible to identify a citizen. Everything is flowing into a common database, including information about the external observation of a person, data that comes from smart things, including primarily the iPhone, etc. So this is more than likely.

Bill Gates frankly said some time ago that such vaccines were needed. Three years ago, he launched Project ID2020, a human identification project. With his foundation's money, he's trying to start this kind of identification primarily in underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa.

  • “On May 14, 2020, the Russian president gave instructions to the government to build this most “wonderful new world” in the expanses of our Fatherland. Behind ‘genetic editing' there is a murder of the Russian people,” you write in one of your publications. As I understand it, is it about the “Genome of Russians” project, which will be implemented by Putin's presumed daughter Maria Vorontsova and Rosneft?
  • This is a project related to the implementation of racial genetic policy. To answer your question, you need to dance from Charles Darwin, who said that the man came from a monkey. It's a terrible foolishness. Darwin wrote The Origin of Species by Natural Selection, or Preserving Favourable Races in the Fight for Life – the other half of the title is for the Anglo-Saxons (they are the ‘favourable race') and everyone else is closer to the animal world (the ‘unfavourable race', so to speak). This is the racial theory of the Anglo-Saxons, that “theoretical” base on which built eugenics, which divides people into favorable and unfavorable races. Then eugenics migrated to the U.S., where it had an applied nature when laws were passed on racial segregation, forced sterilization, restrictions and prohibition of import of citizens of a certain nationality. In general, there was a strong racial ethnic policy in favour of the white Anglo-Saxon population. And in the 1930s, the Anglo-Saxons began training eugenics specialists from the Third Reich, especially after 1933, when Hitler came to power. On a gigantic scale, practical eugenics were implemented in the Third Reich. At the Nuremberg trials, the eugenics were condemned. But in the works on eugenics, terms such as “genetic correction” are used. And if you look at the documents we just adopted on genetics in Russia, there's a term there too. Apparently, the people who prepared this document do not know the history of eugenics, they do not know the Nuremberg process. I think the same thing is done behind the scenes, too. It's a terrible thing. I see signs of an impending genocide.
  • So you're suggesting that there will be mass murder?
  • For example, members of lower races are restricted in their rights, can be sterilized. People with serious deviations from the norms can simply be destroyed, as was the case in the Third Reich. These are serious things. It is particularly surprising that such things are accepted in the midst of a virus and economic crisis, when it seems necessary to do something different. In this case we have a smoke screen behind which completely different issues are solved – the construction of an electronic concentration camp.
  • Is there any way we can protect ourselves?
  • I don't think anyone can defend themselves alone. It's possible through education, education, media. I hope that your newspaper is also interested in such projects not to be implemented. We have to make up for what was missed in educating young people at school, university. Today there is a conveyor production of fools in higher educational institutions. Therefore, we must neutralize this activity.

If you want to defend yourself, you must understand what genetics, genetic correction, who Charles Darwin is and how he contributed to the destruction of humanity. After all, when I was teaching at MGIMO, I was doing mini-surveys in a group and I was asking: where did man come from? It turned out that 50 percent believe: God created, and 50 percent that came from an ape. So if it came from a monkey, that's where you go. So the “masters of money” are just trying to make a man become a monkey. I don't believe in what comes from a monkey, and I don't believe in what can be turned into a monkey. Such vital things need to be explained to people. This is where our rebirth may begin.

Translated from: https://zen.yandex.ru/media/businessgazeta/ia-viju-priznaki-gotoviascegosia-genocida-5f15546f31955460c582a394

Valentin Yurievich Katasonov – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship, Professor of the International Finance Department of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Chairman of the Russian Economic Society named after Sharapov, author of 10 monographs (including “Great Power or Environmental Power?”). (1991), “Project Financing as a New Method of Organizing Investment in the Real Sector of the Economy” (1999), “Capital Escape from Russia” (2002), “Capital Escape from Russia: Macroeconomic and Monetary and Financial Aspects” (2002), and numerous articles.

Born in 1950, graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (1972).

In 1991-1993 he was a consultant to the UN (Department of International Economic and Social Affairs), in 1993-1996 he was a member of the advisory council to the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

2001-2011 – Head of the Department of International Monetary and Credit Relations at the MGIMO (U) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2011-2018: Professor of International Finance at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (U) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.