( CNN ) Here's a consider Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Birthlocation: Leningrad( currentlySt Petersburg ), Russia
Birthname: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Father: VladimirPutin, a manufacturing facility superintendent

Mother: Maria Putin
Matrimony: Lyudmila( Shkrebneva) Putin( July2 8, 1983 -2 014, separated )
Children: Yekaterina and also Maria
Education: LeningradState University, legislation, 1975
Religion: Orthodox Christian
Enjoysexercising and also has a black belt in judo .
Grewup in a common home shared by 3 households .
Servedin the KGB as a knowledge police officer prior to coming to be associated with national politics .
Joinsthe Committee for State Security( KGB ). Is on the team of the First Chief Directorate for Foreign Intelligence for the KGB, and also is appointed to watch international site visitors to Leningrad .
1984 – Is chosen to participate in the Red Banner Institute of Intelligence, where he detects out German and also English .
1985 – Is appointed to counterintelligence responsibilities in Dresden,[ East] Germany Reportedly maintains an eye on commitment of Soviet mediators .
1990 – Becomes aide rector( dean) for global events at Leningrad StateUniversity Reportedly keeps an eye on commitment of darkness and also pupils immigrants .
1991 – Turns to national politics as he comes to be an advisor to among his legislation college coach-and-fours, Anatoly Sobchak, that is competing mayor ofLeningrad After Sobchak wins the political election, Putin that June is touched to be employed in town hall as chairman of the board for global connects. He surrenders from the KGB that summertime season .
1997 – Putinis called replacement principal administrator of the Kremlin under President Boris Yeltsin .
1998 – Chief of the Federal Security Service( FSB ).
1999 – Secretaryof the Russian Security Council .
August9, 1999 – Yeltsin selects Putin as Prime Minister of Russia .
December3 1, 1999 – Yeltsin actions down in the middle of detraction and also Putin comes to be acting head of state. He gives Yeltsin resistance from prosecution.
March2 6, 2000 – Is preferred head of state of Russia .
May7, 2000 – Putin is vowed in.
May2 4, 2002 – Putinand also United States President George W. Bush approve the Moscow Treaty on Strategic Offensive Reductions, which calls for each nation to minimize its accumulations of calculated nuclear warheads throughout 10 years.

March1 5, 2004 – Isre-elected after marketing as an independent .
May7, 2004 – Putin is vowed in for his 2nd word .
April2 7, 2005 – Becomes the initial Russian leader to go to Israel
October4- 5, 2005 – VisitsBritishPrime Minister Tony Blairand also discloses enhanced collaboration in between Russia and also Britain to eradicate terrorism .
September5, 2006 – Meets SouthAfrican President Thabo Mbekithroughout the initial browse through to below-SarahanAfrica by a Russian leader .
December1 9, 2007 – NamedTime publication's Person of the Year .
March2, 2008 – DmitryMedvedev is choice head of state ofRussia
August2 008 – Russiatakes part in an army conflict with surroundingGeorgia
September2 4, 2011 – Medvedevcontacts the judgment United Russia event to back Putin for head of state in2012 If the event wins legislative political elections in December, Putin in turn recommends that Medvedev ought to take over the function of prime clergyman .
March4, 2012 – Putinwins a 3rd word as head of state , with simply under 65% of the ballot. Critics examine the outcomes in the middle of issues of citizen swindles .
May7, 2012 – Putin is vowed in under limited safety standards. Hundreds of activists are restrained by cops.
December1 4, 2012 – PresidentBarack Obama indicators the Magnitsky Act, a regulation that enforces traveling and also monetary limitations on people in Russia thought of civils rights offenses. The legislation is called for Sergey Magnitsky, a legal representative that passed away under strange conditions in 2009 after detecting proof that Russian authorities devoted taxation obligation scams.
December2 8, 2012 – In reaction to the Magnitsky act, Putinindicators right into legislation an expense that properly prohibits United States people from espousing Russian youngsters.Thelegislation likewise proscribes US-funded public squads from running in Russia .
June6, 2013 – Duringa session program on state-run tv, Vladimir and also Lyudmila Putin introduce that their marital relationship mores than .
September1 1, 2013 – Putin releases an op-ed in the New York Timesconcerning theSyrian CivilWar
March2 014 – Putinsends out soldiers right into Crimea after UkrainianPresident Viktor Yanukovych runs away in the midst of terrible demonstrations.
August6, 2014 – Putin indicators a mandate that prohibits food and also farming importations from nationsthat have actually enforced permissions versusRussia

November2 1, 2014 – The Russian Kyokushin- kan Karate- do Federation claims that Putin has actually been granted a karate black belt
September2 8, 2015 – Putin participates in the United Nations General Assembly in New York and also later on meetsObama The 2 leaders talk about Ukraine and also Syria, inning accordance with elderly United States authorities. It is their initial in-person conference considering that Russia's attack right into Ukraine .
January2 1, 2016 – A UK questions is launched ,setting out proof that recommends Putin approved the procedure to eradicate previous FSB spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.
July2 5, 2016 – TheFBI reveals it has actually introduced an examination right into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee's computer system Although the declaration does not suggest that the company has a specific suspect or suspects in mind, United States authorities inform CNN they presume the cyberattack is connected to Russia .
September1, 2016 – Duringa Bloomberg News session , Putin refutes that the Russian federal government had any kind of participation in the hacking of Democratic National Committee e-mails.

January6, 2017 – TheOffice of the Director of National Intelligence launches a declassified record aiming that Putin purchased an “impact project” focused on injuring Hillary Clinton and also assisting Donald Trump in the 2016 governmental political election

January1 7, 2017 – Atanews meeting, Putin claims that a damning file concerning Trumpis “incorrect” and also neglects claims that his nation's safety and security solutions have actually been be tracked of the president-elect.

July7, 2017 – MeetsTrump for the very first time on the sidelines of the G20top in Hamburg, Germany . During a two-hour seminar, the guys supposedly talk about claims of Russian meddling in the United States political election and also the combat in Syria, to name a few cases points. Hourslater on, they speak once more informally throughout a supper with different other chairwomen .

July3 0, 2017 – Putinreveals that Russia is applying a collection of steps in reaction to a brand-new permissions expenses authorized by Trump .He claims that 755 staffers at United States polite aims in Russia will certainly be ousted from their tasks.

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