Irish boxer Michael Conlan gave Olympic judges a clear message on Tuesday, widening his middle finger in their direction after being hit with a highly controversial loss by decision to Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin.

“I’ll never box for AIBA again, they’re cheating motherfuckers, ” he said after the fight, referring to the Amateur International Boxing Association, according to Yahoo Sports. “They’re paying everybody.”

Conlan also took to Twitter to express his anger with Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Conlan, who won bronze at the London Olympics in 2012, is expected to turn pro.

“That’s the end of my Olympic gold. My dream has been shattered now, ” he said, per the Irish Mirror. “I have a big career ahead of me. These ones are known for being cheats, they have always been cheats. Amateur boxing stinks from the core right to the top.”

( h/ t Buzzfeed)

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