Jared Kushner, son-in-law and senior adviser to President Donald Trump, has undergoneplenty ofscrutiny especially onFriday night.

According to reports from on May 26, Kushner allegedly spokewith Russias ambassador to the United States, Sergey I. Kislyak, in December.

Theiralleged meeting was to supposedly establish a secret communications channel between Trumpstransition team and Moscow in an effort to discuss policy issues, particularly in regards to Syria.

According to, the three anonymous sources who spoke about the alleged post-electionmeeting were not authorized to do so.

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and further claimed that President Trumps short-lived national security consultant, Michael Flynn, was also in attendance, andit is not clear who initiated the meeting. The channel was never set up, according to The Times.

Naturally, this opened up the floodgate for Americans, particularly those with an active voice on social media.

We heard from legislators like Rep. Maxine Waters.

She didnt seem all that surprised with the reports.


Aspiring politics chimed in as well.

Levin is running for Congress vs. Darrell Issa in California.


People tried to provide comedic relief

while others demonstrated no mercy.

Reporters added their own commentary.

Even celebrities took a jab at Kushner.

Anna Kendrick received thousands of retweets and likes for her Kushner meme.

According to CBS News, White House officials are allegedlyrefusing to commenton the reports that surfaced from t last night.

In the meantime, President Trump has announced that he will delay hisdecision to next week on whether the US will withdraw from the Paris climate accords which he announced on Twitter.

As of 3:10 pm EST on Saturday, Trump has not released any statements on Twitter considering his son-in-law.

Elite Daily has reached out to Kushners attorney Jamie Gorelick for comment.

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