( CNN) The psychodrama of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign chronicled in campaign accounts now coming to light has a fascinating parallel to the preoccupation over Vladimir Putin's real or imagined election role. Specifically, it's a distraction from a deeper, systemic weakness of the Democratic Party.

Aside from the titillating internal campaign anecdotes , nothing revealed in the new volume, “Shattered, ” amazed anyone closely engaged in the 2016 elections, particularly those of us who publicly supported Bernie Sanders.

It is clear that an arrogant, incompetent campaign royally blew an election, handing the Oval Office to an unhinged, unqualified, dishonest man. A retread coterie of pollsters, consultants and insiders tried to sell an out-of-touch, elitist candidate to voters who were in full-scale uprising. It was a campaign so clueless that, during the general election, it could not find Wisconsin on the map.

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