The president-elect has outlined measures to address concerns, but a watchdog tells Trump will retain ultimate ownership of his business empire

Donald Trump finally built a wall on Wednesday. A literal wall of paperwork that he claimed would protect his presidency from allegations of conflicts of interest.

It is unlikely to do any such thing.

Pointing at a desk piled with seven stacks of newspapers at his first press conference since his victory, the president-elect said: These papers are just some of the documents that Ive signed turning over complete and total control to my sons.

Trump and one of his advisers, Sheri Dillon, a partner at the global statute firm Morgan, Lewis& Bockius, then set out a series of moves designed to head off his critics 😛 TAGEND The president-elect will change his assets into a trust managed by his sons and other Trump executives and give up management of his private company and resign from all official positions within it
Trumps companies will induce no new foreign deals whatsoever during Trumps presidency
Any new domestic deals will need the approval of an independent ethics adviser
Profits from foreign government officials staying at Trump hotels will be donated to the US treasury