While Kellyanne Conway claimed( falsely) Sunday that Hillary Clinton takes millions from countries that' hate girls ,' Tim Kaine suggested the WikiLeaked emails were faked. Is he right? “>

By Linda Qiu and Lauren Carroll

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Sunday grumbled chest beaters for criticizing the Republican nominees( false) claims of voter fraud while ignoring worrying donations to Hillary Clintons foundation.

We respect the principles of American democracy, Conway said on Meet the Press. But if were so concerned about the principles of American democracy, as so many chest beaters were the coming week, ask Hillary Clinton why she takes tens of millions of dollars from countries that dislike girls, that disrespect females, that hurl gays off of builds?

We found Conway is confusing a few points. Her statement rates Mostly False.

First, Clinton herself hasnt taken donations from foreign countries, which is illegal for political nominees. The Clinton Foundation, however, has taken gifts from countries that have poor records when it comes to their therapy of females and the LGBT community( Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman ).

Altogether, the foundation has received between $18 million and $50 million from these countries, which are allies of the United States. The donations supported the foundations charitable efforts.

Second, Conways use of the present tense connotes the Clinton Foundation continues to accept these donations, while the latest gifts came in 2014. The foundation has agreed to cease accepting foreign donations should Clinton win the presidency.

And third, while many of these countries have laws that most would agree are not friendly to women or members of the LGBT community, they are not hurling homosexuals off of builds. Thats something to be undertaken by ISIS.

Adult Saudi women must obtain permission from a male guardian to traveling, marry, or exit prison, and may be required to provide consent to work or obtained on health care, according to Human Rights Watch. They are also not allowed to drive or try divorce.

Women in the UAE also have to seek permission from a male guardian to wed and, once marriage, the law mandates obedience to the spouse. The country does not specifically prohibit domestic violence and allows for penalty with certain conditions.

In Qatar, the same provisions for wedding and obedience persist, while marital rape and domestic violence cases are not criminalized.

Kuwait does not prohibit domestic violence, sexual harassment, or marital rape.

We asked the Trump campaign if Conway misspoke when she conflated ISISs actions with those countries that have donated to the Clinton Foundation. We did not hear back.

Tim Kaine on the WikiLeaks emails

Clinton and her campaign have sought to cast doubt on the authenticity of thousands of emails leaked by WikiLeaks indicating the inner workings of Clintons campaign.

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