President Donald Trump attended the NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, where he tried his best to settle in among his fellow world leaders.

The whole event seemed to have a new-kid-at-school feel for Trump. But every class has a bully, and reports suggest the president made some effort to embrace that role.

He began the working day with a confrontational address, in which he chided NATO friends for not expending “ve had enough of” defense. Others appeared on with, well, whatever these express are 😛 TAGEND

Later, Trump was insured buffaloing his way to the front of a group.

The man Trump seemed to push past is Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, whose nation is set to join NATO in June — much to the displeasure of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Washington Post's Philip Rucker described the ensuing NATO” family photo” in a pool report that confirmed Trump is unlikely to win any most-popular awards.

” Some of the leaders interacted with one another on stage, but not Trump ,” he wrote.” He stood silently, shifting his posture at moments and looking around .”

And when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fostered the group to wave,” some followed Trudeau's command, but not Trump, who did not raise an limb .”

” Trump smiled for a brief moment, but otherwise maintained a serious, perhaps even stern, expression on his face for the duration of the photo opp ,” according to Rucker.

The world leaders began to scatter after the photos were taken. Some remains of stage to mingle, but Trump did not.

” Your pooler did not see any leaders approach Trump or talk with him on his way out ,” Rucker wrote.

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