( CNN) Bombshell this weekend … a new whistleblower being represented by Mark Zaid and Andrew Bakaj, the lawyers for the original whistleblower, according to CNN's Jake Tapper, Pamela Brown and Zachary Cohen.

Key points:

First-hand knowledge: If the second person has first-hand knowledge that supports the claims of the initial whistleblower, and was on the July 25 call between Trump and the Ukrainian president, it undercuts a main assault line that's been used by Republicans. Trump has never disputed the transcript of the bellow, so the debate that the original whistleblower had secondhand and therefore bad information has never exactly ran. A whistleblower with direct knowledge of the call would completely destroy it.

Intel official: The second whistleblower works in the intelligence community and has spoken to the intelligence community's inspector general, CNN is reporting.

The call itself between Trump and the Ukrainian leader The main thrust of the call was that Trump pushed Zelensky to investigate two claims that benefit the president's political needs — scrutiny of Burisma, the Ukrainian company where Hunter Biden was on the board, and scrutiny of the 2016 election and Ukraine's role The White House has reaffirmed that the call was placed in a highly categorized server to avoid scrutiny and that White House lawyers played a role The Giuliani meeting with the Zelensky aide was indeed a follow-up on the call Kurt Volker has confirmed how he tried to help the Ukrainiansnavigate the demands of the White House Text messages released by House Intel confirm that the Zelensky leadership team was led to believe they needed to play ball on the investigations Pence and Perry both brought up investigating corruption during their sessions with Ukrainians. Though both argue they did not discuss investigating Biden, the relevance of the demand was publicly and privately already conveyed to the Ukrainians by others CNN confirmed that the OMB meetings and discussions about stopping military aidcoming immediately from the president did occur