A fiery video out of Russia is indicating a woman strut through a field of explosives, as if she's an action movie star.

Donning a white, flame-proof suit, the confident girl walks through walls of flames as the earth erupts at her feet.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin tweeted out a link to the video last week, comparing her to the “Terminator.”

Though he went on to describe the locating as a minefield, the YouTube videoidentifies the explosives as non-lethal.

Rogozin, addressing that description on his Facebook page , stated that “non-lethal” means that it was a controlled environment, according to Google Translator.

The suit was being tested for Russia's Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering, a branch of the country's defense industry, Maxim reports.

Though the blasts don't appear to spray shrapnel, as many landmines do, the astounding firepower is certainly nothing to laugh about.

Once safely reaching the other side of the field, the woman cooly pullings off three protective layers around her head and face, and then flips her long blonde hair into the air.

Her superhuman efforts are rewarded with — what else ? — a posy of blooms.

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