In January, people in Russia looked up to see an extraterrestrial sight.

Three sunshines — one large sunlight between two smaller ones — appeared over the city of Kazan's skyline like golden diamonds in the sky. But they weren't new fiery stars entering our planet's galaxy.

It's a natural phenomenon known as mock sunshines or sundogs, and the below video of the rare event has since spread around the Internet, confusing and astonishing everyone who ensure it.

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Sundogs occur when sunlight passes through ice crystals that are falling in the Earth's atmosphere, according to NASA.

When light is refracted through those crystals, it reflects the “mock suns”roughly 22 degrees on either side of the real sunshine, making the illusion of three flares in the sky.

It's merely another one of Mother Nature's trippy optical illusions.

Below, watch the phantom suns give Russia a spectacular show.

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