Washington( CNN) The United States State Department's civils rights record for 2017, launched Friday, showed up to mirror the Trump management's worldview by downsizing on the coverage of ladies's problems and also deciding not to determine the West Bank or Gaza Strip as districts “inhabited” byIsrael

Therecord's intro selected political villains and also indicated 4 certain nations: China, Russia, Iran and also NorthKorea The record itself likewise selected Russia, underscoring once more the interference in between a management ready to slam Moscow and also President Donald Trump's hesitation to do so. Acting Secretary of State John Sullivan stated the federal governments of the 4 nations “go against the civils rights of those within their approach a day-to-day basis and also are forces-out of instability because of this.”

Heincluded that “Statesthat limit freedoms of expression and also tranquil setting up; that devote and also enable physical violence versus participants of spiritual, ethnic, and also various other minority teams; or that threaten the basic self-respect of individuals are ethically remiss and also threaten our passions.”