StanislavYezhov had routine accessibility to expert info and also took a trip on prominent journeys to London and also Washington

Aninterpreter for Ukraine's head of state that was photographed with TheresaMayinside Downing Street has actually been jailed on uncertainty of functioning as a Russian spy.

Ukraine's SBU safety solution jailed Stanislav Yezhov on Wednesday night in the resources,Kiev Video revealed 2 policemans leading him away Yezhov had actually functioned “for the opponent state [Russia] for a long period of time,” the head of state, Volodymyr Groysman, proclaimed on his Facebook web page

Theapprehension is unpleasant for the Ukrainian authorities. Yezhov was based inside the cupboard of preachers and also had routine top-level accessibility to delicate info. He took a trip on prominent journeys to the west, consisting of to London and alsoWashington

Theaffirmed Russian spy checked out Downing Street in July when Groysmanheld talks with the head of state.

InJune 2016 he checked out the White House and also analyzed for Groysman throughout a conference with the after that United States vice-president, JoeBiden.

TheSBU claimed in a declarationthat Russian knowledge had actually hired Yezhov throughout a “long-lasting international goal”. It provided him with “unique devices” which was utilized to gather info regarding the “tasks of [Ukrainian] federal government frameworks”.

Yezhovsupposedly sent out information back to his Moscow manages by means of digital interaction networks. It was vague how much time this lasted or exactly how precisely the networks operated.

Tensionsin between Kiev and also Moscow continue to be high greater than 3 years after the Russian head of state, Vladimir Putin, confiscated Crimea and also stimulated a problem in eastern Ukraine, support and also equipping pro-Russiarebels.

Thebattle stopped collaboration in between Ukrainian and also Russiaknowledge companies. They had actually generally functioned carefully with each other, with solid individual connections in between elderly policemans from both nations that had throughout Soviet times usually participated in KGB training academies with each other.

Yezhovremained in wardship onThursday His work environment and also house were being browsed, the SBU claimed, and also he was most likely to encounter costs of state treason.