StevenSeagal was welcomed into Good Morning Britain on Wednesday– though we're not certain why!

Thehas-been activity celebrity, that you might remember is pals with Russia's head of state Vladimir Putin, was asked his sights on American national politics, probably due to his substantial experience conserving the globe in films? We assumption?

Honestlywe have no concept. Perhaps

Inthe off-the-rails meeting, the Above The Law celebrity describes Democrats as the “opponents within,” asserts he risked his life “plenty of times” for the American flag, as well as states football gamers taking a kneeis “revolting”:P TAGEND

“I do not concur that they need to hold the United States of America or the globe captive by taking a location where individuals are adjusting into enjoy a football suit as well as enforcing their political sights.”

Funnyhe need to state captives as Twittercould not overcome that with the Moscow horizon behind him, he truly does resemble a rogue in among his tacky activity films!

Seethe cray meeting AND a few of the most effective feedbacks to Seagal's remarks as well as appearance( listed below )!

[ youtube https :// watch? v= i86M4zj_Kec]

Werecognize it's cringeworthy, yet enjoy at the least up until 3: 20 to listen to Seagal articulate “VladimirPutin.”