The Republican nominee also urged his supporters to watch cities with big African American populations on election day to avoided a rigged election

Donald Trump has said he would use the US presidency to impose term limits on members of Congress as part of a drive to drain the swamp of Washington corruption.

Currently, House members can serve an unlimited number of two-year words, while senators can serve an unlimited number of six-year words. The Republican candidate told cheering supporters in Grand Junction, Colorado, that he would push for a constitutional amendment.

Six years for members of the House and 12 years for members of the Senate, Trump said at the rally in an airplane hangar. Collusion must and will come to an end. Its time to sweep the corruption out of Washington.


Trump on Monday issued a five-point plan for ethics reform in government to underline his status as an foreigner taking on the political establishment, which he claims Hillary Clinton personifies.

The celebrity billionaires pledge came as he warmed up for Wednesdays third and final presidential debate with Clinton in Las Vegas, needing a convincing performance to change a race that seems to be inexorably slipping away.

Trump also spoke in racially charged terms as he defiantly reiterated his warning about potential voting scam. He advised his supporters to watch cities with big African American populations on election day to prevent a rigged election.

They even want to rig the election at the polling booth, Trump said. Take a look at St Louis. Take a look at Philadelphia. Take a look at Chicago. Look. Look. If nothing else, people are gonna be watching on November 8. Watch St Louis. Watch Philadelphia. Watch Chicago.

The remarks came hours after Barack Obama scolded Trump for building the groundless claims that subvert traditions of American republic, insisting that he had no evidence.

I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before referendums have even taken place, the president said. Its unprecedented. It happens to be based on no facts.

He said of Trump: If “youre starting” squeaking before video games is even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose “youre starting” blaming someone else, then you dont have what it takes to be in this job.

As the president spoke, he lifted his left hand and pointed, with his thumb, over his shoulder to the Oval Office. He then added: Id advise Mr Trump to stop whining and run to continue efforts to attain his case to get votes.

Obama also took a swipe at Trump for praising Russian President Vladimir Putinand was especially critical of Republicans who have fallen into line and done the same.

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