Warmth, walk-and-talks, and no deal late-night hosts analyze Donald Trump and Kim Jong-uns rollercoaster relationship

Trevor Noah

Barack Obama once told Donald Trump, before he took office, that North Korea's nuclear program would be his greatest challenge as president.” Well, that and learning to read ,” joked Trevor Noah on the Daily Show, as Trump's summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, collapsed– lunch places still defined- with no deal in place.

” Wow, you know something must have gone wrong when these two turn down lunch ,” Noah observed.

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Trump's North Korea denuclearization talks were Kim Jong-unsuccessful. pic.twitter.com/ LyrnGXUMsD

March 1, 2019

The breakdown in talks is a far cry from how Trump described his relationship with the dictator on the campaign trail; in a speech from September of last year, Trump said that he and Kim got along well, wrote letters and had fallen in love.

That voices weird, but it attains sense- Kim is” altogether Donald Trump's kind. All of Trump's best relationships are with people who are half his age and don't speak English ,” Noah said over a picture of Melania.

Noah then turned to the rollercoaster that is Trump and Kim's relationship, as volatile as a teenage love affair. What changed at the summit? Basically,” Kim wanted Trump to give everything up, but before he did, Trump wanted guarantees in exchange. Classic relationship dilemma ,” said Noah.

As in many on-and-off relationship sagas, Trump seems determined to work things out despite the distance. In a post-negotiations press conference, he told reporters that he” want[ s] to keep the relationship” with Kim because of a” warmth that we have “.

In other terms, classic relationship pining that is” so tough to watch, man “, Noah said.” Because we've all been there … You told your friends this was going to work out, and despite the warnings you still carried on. And now you're trying to save face because you think we're evaluate you, which we totally are .”

Judgments aside, Noah saw a way out of this cycle: take a cue from numerous romcoms on unrequited love and cut your loss.” Instead of dragging this out, Donald, I think it's time to accept that maybe, only perhaps, Kim is just not that into you .”

Jimmy Kimmel

” Trump literally got more done in his summit with Kim Kardashian than in his summit with Kim Jong-un ,” Jimmy Kimmel acknowledged in Los Angeles.

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