Comics addressed the bombshell news that Trump attorney Michael Cohen also represents Fox News host and stanch Trump defender Sean Hannity

Late-night hosts on Monday addressed James Comey's publicity tour for his new tell-all book and the bombshell news that Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen also represents Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

” There's ongoing difficulty for the man who paid off Stormy Daniels, New York attorney and sad-neck-with-hair, Michael Cohen ,” began Colbert.” Cohen, who is Trump's lawyer, was in court today with his lawyer .”

” Pro tip-off for the president ,” the host quipped.” When your lawyer needs a lawyer, you need a lawyer .”

Colbert then explained that Cohen, who orchestrated the hush money deal between Trump and Stormy Daniels, also helped the RNC deputy finance chair, Elliott Broidy, another one of his clients, pay $1.6 m to a Playboy playmate with whom Broidy had an affair.

” It was revealed that Cohen had one more undisclosed client, a secret ,” the host said.” But today in court the judge ordered him to reveal the name .”

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Colbert then depicted a CNN segment in which an incredulous Brooke Baldwin revealed that Sean Hannity of Fox News is Cohen's third client.

Colbert replied:” This is crazy. Cohen has only two other clients and all he does for them is pay off mistress. Which creates the obvious question: who did Sean Hannity have sex with ?”

” It doesn't matter what Cohen was doing for him ,” the host continued.” What does matter is that Sean Hannity is out there every day, each night, defending Trump and Michael Cohen .”

Colbert then proved clips from Hannity's coverage of Trump and Cohen's legal issues, in which he rails against the Mueller investigation and says the media are spinning the FBI's raid on Cohen out of control.

” I've got to agree with Sean on this one ,” Colbert said.” The media is spinning out of control: did you hear about this guy on Fox News who's defending Cohen without disclosing he's his lawyer too ?”

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah also encompassed the Hannity-Cohen matter.

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” It came out last week that Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who is now in deep federal investigation shit, only had three clients in the past year ,” Noah said, referencing Cohen's two known clients, Trump and Broidy.

” Out of 7 billion people, who could have wanted to join this club and use Michael Cohen as a lawyer last year ?” the host asked, before reveal Hannity and Cohen's relationship.

” It turns out Michael Cohen's secret client is Sean Hannity, which, I'm sorry, is not a good seem ,” Noah said.” Think about how unethical this is for a moment. Hannity has been reporting on this Michael Cohen tale from the beginning, but he conveniently never mentioned that Cohen was his guy, which even to Sean Hannity is pretty shady .”

Noah added:” Instagram models have higher ethical standards. They'll be like,' Drink Tummy Tea. By the style, I'm sponsored by Tummy Tea .'”

The host went on to say that, with the knowledge that Hannity” has scalp in video games, it's fun to go back and look at everything he said about the FBI raid “. Noah added that Hannity” wasn't just mad. He was scared .”

In various clips from Hannity's depict, the anchor called the FBI's raid on Cohen's home, hotel and office an” unprecedented abuse of power” and said a hush money agreement is a” perfectly legitimate business move “.

” Now that we know he was working with Cohen, that lookings less like a news show and more like a guy genuinely emphasized, dedicating himself a pep talk ,” Noah concluded.

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel addressed the Trump administration's calculated response to former FBI director James Comey's book tour, during which he has reflected on his encounters with Trump, which may build a case for obstruction of justice, and called him” morally unfit” to serve.

” It was a 25 -exclamation point weekend for our chairman on Twitter this weekend, thanks in large part to former FBI director Jim Comey ,” Kimmel began , was indicated that the likely cause of Trump's ire was Comey's sit-down with George Stephanopoulos on ABC.

” Comey's book, a tell-all, goes on sale tomorrow ,” Kimmel said.” Last night he shared some of what we will read about his former boss. It was an historic interview, if for no other reason than this is probably the first time a former FBI director ever said anything like this .”

Kimmel then cut to a clip of Comey addressing rumors of the existence of a” pissing videotape”, telling Stephanopoulos” I don't know whether the president was with prostitutes pee-pee on each other in Moscow .”

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” Poor George Staphanopoulos had to get under an umbrella at one point ,” the host joked, before explaining that when Trump found out about rumors of the tape he reportedly asked Comey if he” looks like a guy who needs hookers “.

” Of course, the answer is' yeah, you do ,'” Kimmel said.” There are 304 pages of this coming out tomorrow, so squad Trump was out in full force trying to throw water where the fire is going .”

Kimmel then indicated clips of CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo interviewing the RNC chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway. But he added that” no spin on the White House teacup ride would be complete without a statement from Sarah Nickelback Sanders ,” who said Comey's book belongs in” the bargain bin of the fiction segment “.

” President Trump himself managed this Comey criticism with grace, actually ,” Kimmel joked, indicate tweets in which Trump called Comey a “slimeball” and” the worst FBI director in history “.

” He loves to call things the worst in history ,” Kimmel noted, illustrate past tweets where Trump characterized the 2014 Super Bowl, Karl Rove's political ads, Barack Obama, and the media's treatment of Trump as” the most difficult in history “.

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