DoNotPay helps you get out of parking tickets and cancel forgotten subscriptions, and now it can call you when it's your turn in a customer service phone queue. The app today is launching “Skip Waiting On Hold.” Just form in the company you need to talk to, and DoNotPay calls for you employing tricks to get a human on the line quickly. Then it calls you back and connects you to the agent so you never have to listen to that annoying hold music.

And in case the company tries to jerk you around or screw you over, the DoNotPay app lets you instantly share to social media a legal record of the call to shame them.


Skip Waiting On Hold comes as part of the $ 3 per month DoNotPay suite of services designed to save people period and fund by battling bureaucracy on their behalf. It can handle DMV paperwork for you, write legal letters to scare business out of overcharging you and it provides a credit card that automatically cancels subscriptions when your free trial ends.

” I think the world would be a lot fairer place if people had someone fighting for them” says DoNotPay's 22 -year-old founder Joshua Browder. Indeed;$ 3 per month gets the iOS app‘s 10,000 clients unlimited access to all the features with no extra fees or commissions on fund saved.” If DoNotPay takes a commission then we have an incentive to perpetuate the problems we are fighting against .”

Browder comes from a family of activists. His father Bill Browder got the Magnitsky Act passed, which lets the U.S. government freeze the foreign assets and visas of human rights abusers. It's named after Bill's Russian lawyer who was murdered in Moscow after uncovering a $230 million government corruption strategy linked to President Putin's underlings.


” These big companies[ and governments] are getting away with a lot ,” Browder tells me. He hit a breaking point when frustrated with the process of appealing parking tickets. He built DoNotPay to cut through fuss be taken in order to separate us from our money. In April it created a $3.5 million seed round led by Felicis to develop an Android version after picking up early money from Andreessen Horowitz. Surprisingly, the startup has never been sued.

For Skip Waiting On Hold, DoNotPay constructed out a database of priority and VIP customer service numbers for tons of companies. For legality, if you opt in to recording the exchanges, the app automatically plays a message informing both parties they'll be recorded. A human voice detecting system hears when a real agent picks up the phone, and then rings your telephone. It's like having customer service call you.

Not only can DoNotPay help you get in touch about cancelling subscriptions, scoring rebates or retrieving datum, it's like” a body camera for customer service calls ,” Browder says.” Before they make a decision that rends off “the consumers “, they'll suppose' this could be made public and go viral and hurt our business .'” For instance, an airline that jacks up prices for rescheduled flights surrounding hurricanes could be dishonor for profiting off of natural disasters.


The full list of DoNotPay services includes 😛 TAGEND Customer service disputes where it contacts companies about refunds for Comcast bills, delayed flights, etc. The free trial credit cards that auto-cancels subscriptions before you're actually charged Traffic and parking appeals where it generates a letter for you based on answers to questions, like if signs were too hard to read or there was a mistake on the ticket Hidden money discovery that finds rebates in your bank fees, identifies forgotten subscriptions, gets you free stuff on your birthday and more Government paperwork assistance that can help you get DMV appointments and fill out kinds Skip Waiting On Hold