The US is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis perpetrated by the Trump administration, and the worst is not yet over

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During a day when news feels like a constant spate, there is one tale- one tweet, actually– that I can't get out of my intellect. PBS reported that after being separated from his parents, a 14 -month-old boy was returned contained within louse and without having been bathed in 85 days. That's nearly three months. Three months without dedicating a newborn a bath. If a mother didn't bathe a child for that long, they'd be arrested for child abuse- and this is what our government is doing to children who aren't even old enough to talk.

I'm frightened that because of Trump's fake executive order, the media will lose sight of the torture these children and families are being put through- that we'll think the worst is over. Because the truth is that nothing has really changed- we are still in the midst of a humanitarian crisis perpetrated by the Trump administration. These are people who didn't even bother to keep records or make a plan for how they were going to reunite these children with their parents- now we're told they're going to rely on DNA.

A baby wasn't bathed for three months. In our country, thanks to our government. We cannot stop being urgently ashamed- maybe not ever.

Glass half-full

My new hero Therese Patricia Okoumou- who scaled the Statue of Liberty in protest of the Trump administration's internment of immigrant children- said something that had me in tears:” Michelle Obama, our beloved First Lady that I care about so much, said when they run low, we go high. And I ran as high as I could .”

That there are people like this in our country give me much-needed hope.

What I'm RTing

Abby D. Phillip (@ abbydphillip)

Trump on media: “they are so damn dishonest.”

“They're fake.”

“These are really bad people.

And he's still running. So there's your answer to the question of whether Trump's rhetoric would change after 5 journalists were gunned down in Annapolis.

July 5, 2018

Judy Woodruff (@ JudyWoodruff)

14 month old boy separated from immigrant parents at the border, was returned after 85 days, are covered under lice, has clearly not been bathed – part of lawsuits filed by states against Trump administration @LisaDNews reports @NewsHour tonight

July 5, 2018

Natasha Bertrand (@ NatashaBertrand)

Trump wants to meet with Putin alone, with no other aides present on either side, in Helsinki this month. That means no note-takers, witnesses, or official record. https :// nUepSFAUNP

July 3, 2018

Shannon Watts (@ shannonrwatts)

Before she and two others were shot dead in Alabama on Sunday, Debra Ann Rivera twice had asked a magistrate to order her ex-husband to surrender his handguns because of alleged abuse.

The request was denied both hours by the same magistrate. https :// LkZVNNEv5w

July 3, 2018

Who I'm reading

Jamelle Bouie on Trump's move to denaturalize citizens and to” preserve a shrinking white majority “~ ATAGEND; Michelle Garcia on how the end of Roe is already here for some states; and Michelle Goldberg on how females might save America .

What I'm listening to

This savagely important episode of The Daily following one family's reunification process.

How outraged I am

At a Montana rally, Trump made a # MeToo joke, mocking rape and harassment victims. That's outrageous enough on its own, but what really has me at a 10 out of 10 is just how damn to benefit from it we all are.

Axios (@ axios)

Trump suggests he would like to test Elizabeth Warren for Native American heritage, “but we have to do it gently because we're in the MeToo generation.” kgQ5 4Lxqbo

July 6, 2018

How I'm making it through this week

I don't know why, but this had me in tears.

elv (@ _ElvishPresley_)

the world:[ at the edge of apocalypse]

me:[ oblivious, headphones on] 6YwYotstzG

June 29, 2018

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