Elvis Presley bought his Memphis mansion 60 years ago on Sunday. How well do you know the history of rocknrolls White House?

When Spinal Tap visit Elvis Presleys grave at Graceland in This Is Spinal Tap, they try to harmonise on a version of Heartbreak Hotel. In what style do they realise they are inadvertently singing?

Barbershop raga Their visit, the decision is, offers too much fucking perspective

Close harmony prog

Metal yodelling

Laurel Canyon doo wop Which of the following has not been graffitoed on the walls around Graceland?

Elvis, Im bearing your ghost child, and Im confused because Im a human!

Please depict Jackie O a good time.

Elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me. Public Enemy used to say. All the others are noted in the book Sound, Society and the Geography of Popular Music.

Thanks for carpeting the ceilings of our hearts. The reference to carpeting the ceiling of our hearts is based on which room in Graceland?

The bathroom in which Elvis succumbed

The dining room

The pool room

The jungle room The ceiling of the jungle room named for its decoration is covered with green carpet. In the title track of his Graceland album, with whom does Paul Simon visit the Memphis mansion?

Art Garfunkel

The daughter of his best friend

The infant of his first matrimony The child was Harper Simon, who has constructed excellent records in his own right.

The dude from the label Elvis bought Graceland on 19 March 1957. How much did he pay for it?




$102,500 Which foreign premier, a devoted Elvis fan, was given a tour of the mansion by President George Bush in 2006?

Prime minister Junichiro Koizumi of Japan He shares Elviss birthday, 8 January

Prime pastor Tony Blair of the UK

President Vladimir Putin of Russia

President Vicente Fox of Mexico In the song Walking in Memphis, Marc Cohn( and, in her version, Cher) follows Elvis from which street to the gates of Graceland?

Beale Street

Elvis Presley Boulevard

Highway 61

Union Avenue It would be a long walking. Union Avenue is nowhere near Graceland. Which person listed below has never visited Graceland, according to those who run the place?

Len Goodman of Strictly Come Dancing fame

Nigella Lawson of cooking notoriety

Ian McEwan of novel-writing reputation The Graceland website lists its celebrity guests, in unnerving detail.

Prince William and Harry of royal renown In their song RICO, what do Meek Mill and Drake choose they should probably do?

Tear down Graceland

Move in to Graceland The track was recorded before the two rappers chose they couldnt stand each other.

Eat cheeseburgers in Graceland

Tag the walls of Graceland What did Paul McCartney leave on Elviss grave when he visited Graceland in 2013?

A guitar pick It was so Elvis can play in heaven.

A fried peanut butter and banana sandwich

A transcript of We All Stand Together, by Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus

A photo of the Beatles meeting Elvis, on 27 August 1965

You got