The first lady of the United States dedicated Marc Brown a call after the publication of his popular 1991 children’s volume, Arthur Meets the President .

Barbara Bush, wife of President George H.W. Bush and creator of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, wanted to include the democracy-themed story which features an aardvark household going to Washington D.C. in the National Repository. Brown, still half-a-decade away from premiering the first episode of his animated “Arthur” television series, was happy to help. And over the next few years, the author joined Bush’s literary initiatives by attending various events and fulfilling families across the country.

When “Arthur” the Tv indicate, which launched in 1996, became a success during the Bill Clinton administration, the original President book became an animated segment where Arthur Read’s family met an amiable Clinton in the White House. They all shared a pizza.

As the second Bush administration took power and Laura Bush resuscitated Barbara’s literary initiative in the White House, Brown again joined the effort.

Part of its own experience involved taking shots of vodka in Russia with Vladimir Putin.

“Laura Bush invited me to go to Russia with her and represent the country at the first children’s book celebration that then Mrs. Putin was trying to replicate what Laura was doing in Washington, ” Brown told The Huffington Post in a rare interview about the creation of his beloved aardvark character.

“And so that was very interesting to go over there and actually have dinner with President Putin … He made a big entryway. As I remember it, we were in the Kremlin and the entire room was covered in gold foliage. There were first ladies from all over the world and each one would devote a toast. We all had to drink vodka shots after each toast and so things were getting a little fuzzy.”

A representative for Laura Bush relayed the details to her for HuffPost and the former first lady apparently recalled the incident with fondness and laughter.

First Lady Laura Bush speaking at a Russian book celebration in Moscow on Oct. 1, 2001.

The second Bush administration eventually ended, and the Obamas entered the White House. The animated “Arthur” series remained on PBS and continued to be as popular as ever. The show introduced a lovable Obama character, of course.

“Arthur” has always been a bipartisan narrative for kids all over and across America teaching morals of love, relationship and acceptance any mother could get behind. And so the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States has created a conundrum for the display, which celebrates 20 years on the air this year.

“I am frightened that the matter is madman could actually become a leader of this country, ” Brown told HuffPost before Election Day.

Over the course of 2016, Brown spent his free time depicting cartoons depicting Trump as the monarch with no clothes. In one cartoon Brown sent to HuffPost, a naked Donald wears a crown while sitting atop a gold throne.

He’s on a cellphone talking to Putin and says, “Vladdy, it’s me, Donny. Got a little cash flow problem over here … ” Another depicts a traditional Christian church where the steeple’s cross has been changed to a golden “T.”

“With all the work that I have done and expended with children being successful … ” said Brown, “I worry about what would happen with children.”

It remains unclear whether this will be the first presidential administration during the history of “Arthur” that has no involvement with the program. HuffPost tried following up with Brown after the election, but did not get a response.

A still from the television depict, “Arthur.”