Image copyright Georgian National Legion Image caption “I call myself a freedom fighter, ” says John Harding

A number of Britons have travelled to Ukraine to join the ongoing fighting in the east of the country. One Briton who has joined the conflict told the BBC why he considers himself to be a freedom fighter.

John Harding marchings along a snow-covered trail outside the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, among a platoon of men garmented in camouflage clothing.

On command, he drops to one knee, adopting a shooting position.

It is a training exercise, for now. He is preparing to take part in the bloody conflict that has ravaged eastern Ukraine for four years.

“Other people's wars aren't a big thing on British media, ” he says.

“Certainly not as big as they should be in my opinion, so us being here will build people more aware of what's going on.”

The Brits fighting in eastern Ukraine Spaniards ‘joined Ukraine rebels' Foreign fighters in east Ukraine Image caption John Harding( stand far right) with members of his brigade Image caption The UN estimates more than 10,000 people going to die since fighting in Ukraine began in April 2014 Image caption Flight MH1 7 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine in July 2014 Image caption Photos of recruits from Britain on the Georgian National Legion Facebook page