Brazil is suffering pre-Games dreads, delays–and Zika–but Rio likely won't be among the all-time most disastrous Olympics. Here are the top five worst ever.”>

With the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse apparently saddled up and riding toward Rio, its been claimed that Brazilian organizers are stimulating preparations for the worst ever Olympic Games. But despite a war-like ambiance( police killings, mass protest, and civil disobedience ), and pestilence( Zika and raw sewage in the water ), Rio 2016 has an incredibly long way to go to make it into the Olympic Games hall of shame.

Fascism, mass murder, racism, state-sanctioned cheating, moral and fiscal insolvency, and outright chaos have all marred previous stagings of The Greatest Show on Earth.

So, who was responsible for hosting the worst Games in Olympic history? Here are the worst five, in reverse order 😛 TAGEND


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5. Atlanta, 1996

It could have been far worse. Heroic security guard Richard Jewell spotted an unattended green purse in the Olympic Park early on the morning of July 27. He had no idea that a 40 -pound pipe bomb was hidden inside, but he alerted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and a full evacuation was already underway when the device exploded.

The blast still killed local resident Alice Hawthorne, 44, and injured more than 100 other people. A Turkish cameraman also succumbed of a heart attack in the panicked aftermath of the bombing. An anti-abortion fanatic was later jailed for the terror attack.

Even before the bombing, the Atlanta Games, which were accused of crass commercialization, had been chaotic. Bus that were supposed to shuttle athletes around the city were mired in traffic problems, huge lines, and drivers get lost. A reigning Olympic judo champion was even disqualified from defending his crown after arriving late for the weigh-in( although it sounds like it was mostly his own fault ).



4. Athens, 2004

The Greeks snatched the hotly contested title of most ludicrous financial mismanagement from Montreal 1976. Their budgetary mistakes were all the more foolish since theylike every Game sincehad the warnings from Canada ringing in their ears.( When the Athens closing ceremony came to an end virtually three decades after Montreal, the Canadian city was still be paid by its Olympic debt .)

The Greeks chose to build permanent stadia and arenas financed purely by a government infrastructure program. The $4.6 billion budget more than tripled, an overspend of $60,000 for each Greek citizen. Its too simplistic to claim the huge debt helped cause Greeces financial crisis, which began 5 years later, but it surely didnt help.

What makes the overspend so much more heartbreaking is that financially crippled Greece has been unable to afford the upkeep of the new facilities. The Olympic Park now stands like a ghost town; the venues are empty, overgrown, abandoned, and decayed.

The Game themselves were pulled off successfully, but Dimitris Evangelopoulos, Greeces national track and field coach-and-four, told The Guardian that his squad is now forced to travel to Cyprus to train in decent facilities. Its as if the illuminates used to go at the closing ceremony and that was it, he said.

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The medal table at the end of the Games was topped by the Soviet Union, followed by East Germany, Bulgaria, and then Cuba in fourth. It was barely an inspiring festivity of the universality of sports.

It was later confirmed that Eastern germany had been operating a revolutionary state-sponsored doping program, which pumped its athletes full of steroids, amphetamines, and human growth hormone whether they wanted them or not.

As many had suspected at the timeit is now certain that a huge proportion of the Olympic medals handed out in Moscow went to drug cheats.

Mark Spitz won a record seven gold medals as he dominated the pond in Munich, but the sport at the 1972 Games was largely forgotten.

Eleven Israeli coaches and athletes were taken hostage and murdered by terrorists who scaled the fencing of the athletes village and violated into two apartments where members of the Israeli Olympic squad were sleeping.

It emerged only late last year that Palestinian activists from Black September tortured the captured athletes. One of the victims, weightlifter Yossef Romano, was shoot and castrated in front of the others after fighting back.

During a terrifying standoff with German police that was broadcast live around the world, the Palestinians demanded the release of hundreds of prisoners held in Israel. An attempt to ambush the activists and free the captives ended in disaster.

Jim McKay, the ABC sportscaster, broke the news to millions of people watching in horror back home: Our worst anxieties have been realized tonight. Theyve now said that there were 11 hostages. Two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. Theyre all gone.

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