StephenColbertis still reaching holds with life in the Trump period.

Sofor Wednesday’& rsquo; s program of& ldquo; -LRB- ***) TheLateShow( ” **** ),& rdquo; the comic undertook a laid-back session of art treatment in a proposal to fix his concerns.

Ostensiblyinfluenced by Vice President MikePence’& rsquo; s other halfKarenPence, that iscontroversially utilizing her conditionas 2nd female to advertise the creative type of psychiatric therapy, Colbertdeveloped a collection of items for accredited art expert Rachel Brandoff.

Buthis job was, well, a bit haunting.

Colbertfinished the section by uncovering just how he was currently auctioning off his chore, with all the earnings mosting likely to the American Art Therapy Association.

“& ldquo; -LRB- *************************************************************************************************) the document, I like my feline as well as art therapy is not silly, ”& rdquo; he cleared up.& ldquo; I was simply overcoming some concerns.”& rdquo; -LRB- *****)