On Friday's Late Show , Stephen Colbert traveled to Washington , D.C. to grill lawmakers about the apparently endless investigation into the Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russia. While he was there, he released his very own redacted memo about Devin Nunes.

” You recollect about a month or so ago when America had memo fever ?” the host asked Monday night.” There was #ReleaseTheMemo, which was about a memo written by House Intelligence Committee Chair and youngest human at the senior's brunch, Devin Nunes .”

While on Capitol hill, Colbert tried to get Nunes' colleagues to the fill in the blank on his redacted memoranda with an insult about the divisive congressman, but neither Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff nor GOP Rep. Jeff Flake would take the bait.

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” So as much fun as we had down there, ultimately what we wanted was for Nunes to respond to us, a slapstick demonstrate, but say what you want about that guy, he &# x27; s not that dumb…is what I thought ,” Colbert added.

That's because over the weekend, Nunes called into Neil Cavuto's Fox Business show and called Colbert's jokes a “danger” to the country.” The left controls not only the universities in this country, but they also control Hollywood in this country, and the mainstream media, so conservatives in this country are under assault ,” Nunes said on Fox.” They assault people who are trying to get to the truth .”

” He took the bait !” Colbert exclaimed.

The congressman claimed not to know whether or not Colbert reached out to him for an interview, but as the host disclosed, he did speak to members of Nunes' staff, who rebuffed him and said he wasn't allowed to cinema in their office.

” Either your faculty didn't tell you that I charged into your office, or you're not telling the truth ,” Colbert told him.” So is Devin Nunes a liar? Not that I know of .”

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