SethRogenlikes satirizingPresidentDonald Trump… so its not a surprise his brand-new target is Trumps child, Donald Trump Jr.

Thestar discovered the more youthful Trump was following him on Twitter, so he made a decision to confiscate the chance as well as ask the Chairpeople child an inquiry:P TAGEND

ButRogen had even more to state.

Sohe route messaged Trump Jr., clarifying that President Trump is attempting to challenge the media which hed like him to return to being just a man on TELEVISION.

Rogensent out one more straight message to TrumpJr soon after the initial one, urging him to inform his papa to speak with House Oversight Committee ChairmanRep Jason Chaffetz( R-Utah) concerning going after an examination right into what calls Michael Flynn had with the Russian federal government prior to Donald Trump took workplace.

Nice, Seth.

Thisisn't also the very first time in the previous week Rogenhas actually gone rascal on Twitter to send missives to/ concerning Trump.

Afterthe head of state tweeted, I do not recognize Putin, have no handle Russia, as well as the haters are going bananas – yet Obama can negotiate with Iran, # 1 in fear, no worry!, Rogen shared the listed below message:P TAGEND

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