Comics, including Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, discussed the Trump-Cohen audiotape and alleged Russian snoop Maria Butina

Late-night hosts on Wednesday reviewed and considered the release of a bombshell tape in which Michael Cohen and Donald Trump discuss hush money pays, as well as the alleged Russian spy Maria Butina's affiliation with the NRA.

Samantha Bee

On Full Frontal, Samantha Bee discussed Maria Butina, the young Russian woman who is charged with being a spy and infiltrating the National Rifle Association( NRA ).

” If the news is starting to feel like a bad movie, it's because thanks to Maria Butina, it is ,” Bee began.

” Butina is the founder of the Russian pro-gun group Right to Bear Arms, which she allegedly used to infiltrate the GOP and NRA ,” she continued.” Her boss, Russian mobster and naughty little son Alexander Torshin, is being investigated for funneling Russian fund into the NRA to push a pro-Russian agenda .”

Bee went on to explain that Butina struck up a relationship with Paul Erickson, a South Dakota-based GOP operative who, as tribunal documents revealed, Butina ” disdained” living with.

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