The' Full Frontal' host kicked off this week's present with a look at the Democratic National Convention, which came off a lot better than the RNC “rage-a-thon.” “>

Two weeks ago, Samantha Bee employed her Full Frontal present to preview what ended up being an even crazier Republican National Convention than she could have imagined. This week, she seemed back at the Democratic National Convention and began with a question: Can we set politics aside for a second and appreciate that history was induced last week?

We have waited our whole lives to hear a woman say those words, Bee said of Clintons momentous acceptance of her partys nomination. And then immediately get criticized for the voice she said them in.

Lucky for Democrats, their big shindig followed the four-day flub reel that was the Republican Convention, she said. A poorly attended rage-a-thon, featuring a parade of hemorrhoidal has-beens trying to literally scare up referendums by making America shit its pants.

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But somehow, instead of embarrassing America, the Democrats managed to out-patriot the Republican at every turn. Im not weeping, I just have tears coming out of my wherever, Bee joked after showing a clip of Michelle Obamas speech. The convention was an unexpected victory of positive messaging and flawless showmanship, she continued. Turns out the Democrat had this in them all along and all it took to get their shit together was the looming certainty of Armageddon.

Like most spectators of the DNC, it was the remarks of Khizr Khan, the Muslim father of a fallen U.S. Army captain, that resonated most powerfully with Bee. He even picked out a transcript of the Constitution small enough to fit in Trumps hands, the host joked. Of course, it did not take long for Trump to fire back at the Khan family, wondering aloud whether the mans wife, Ghazala Khan, was even allowed to speak.

She was too choked up from seeing her sons image, Bee said. Why are you allowed to have anything to say?

In the end, Hillary Clinton got the full-throated endorsement of two former chairmen, one of them her husband and another her former rival-turned-biggest advocate, along with, just for good measure, half the fucking Pentagon standing on stage saying vote for Hillary if you want to live.

That is how good you have to be if youre a woman operating for chairman. And she still might lose to this: The least qualified candidate ever to careen into the public spotlight and shit on gold star mommies while cradling Putins sweaty sack, Bee concluded. Lets hope Hillary doesnt get lipstick on her teeth between now and November or its all over.

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