( CNN) The Russian nation conspired with athletes and sporting officials to undertake a doping program that was unprecedented in its scale and aspiration, according to a report commissioned for the World Anti-Doping Agency.

A “systematic and centralized cover-up” benefited more than 1,000 Russian athletes across 30 athletics, said Canadian law prof Richard McLaren in an update to a report first published in July.

McLaren alleged an “institutional conspiracy” among officials within the Russian ministry of athletic and state security services that resulted in the London 2012 Games being debased “on an unprecedented scale.”

More than 1,000 Russian athletes benefited from doping There was an “institutional conspiracy” among athletes and officials within the Ministry of Sport and the FSB “Systematic and centralized cover up” in the run up to the London 2012 Summer Olympics which continued until 2015 London 2012 games corrupted “on an unprecedented scale” Swapping of urine samples became a regular practise after the 2014 Sochi Games Male DNA found in samples from two female hockey players


Report: Russia operated an Olympics doping program