YuriYeliseyev, 20, that was apparently a follower of the city sports parkour, dove from 12 th floor of apartment or condo block

An encouraging chess grandmaster has actually dived to his fatality from a Moscow apartment or condo block in just what showed up to have actually been an achievement of bold failed.

YuriYeliseyev, 20, dropped from the 12 th floor on Saturday, passing away of his injuries prior to a rescue showed up. Authority are evaluate the fatality.

Yeliseyevwas apparently a follower of parkour, a metropolitan sports additionally referred to as freerunning, which entails leaping or climbing up up wall surfaces, throughout roofings as well as over fences as well as various other structures.

DaniilDubov, a fellow grandmaster, composed on social media sites that his close friend had actually been attempting to climb from a home windowto a close-by veranda yet slid. Yeliseyevs roommate, Shamil Arslanov, that remained in a various space at the time, informed Ren TELEVISION that Yuri enjoyed severe pointsas well as has actually hitherto climbed up in between the veranda as well as the home window.

A neighbor informed the Life network that Yeliseyev had actually been taken into consideration carrying out the feat over the summertime. A social media sites account picture revealed him dangling by his handsfrom a ridge high in the air.

Yeliseyevwon a globe junior chess champion in 2012 as well as came to be a grandmaster in2013 He won this years Moscow Open as well as was rated 212 th by the World ChessFederation.

Hisfatality has actually surprised the chess globe as well as achieved nationwide headings in a nation that venerates the video game. The bad luck came prior to the last globe chess champion suiton Monday in between the title-holder, Magnus Carlsen, as well as the Russian opposition Sergey Karjakin.

TheRussian deputy head of state, Vitaly Mutko, brought his acknowledgements as well as stated Yeliseyev was extremely skilled. He might have brought a great deal of advantage to his sports as well as his nation.

Coachesas well as associates explained Yeliseyev as a distinctive gamer as well as character. The nationwide chess team coach-and-four, Sergei Yanovsky, informed country information organisation R-Sportthat Yeliseyev was among the most skilled young grandmastersin Russia as well as applauded his vibrant uniqueness.

Hisindividuality as well as look for his very own course was extremely apparent in all his choices; he repudiated any type of existing plans, Yanovsky stated.

Evenas a boy he constantly intended to flaunt his valiancy as well as climb up on something, yet not to this severe degree, he included.

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