Sometimes, an artisan is as well excellent, like when he makes dolls so practical it's weird. Michael Zajkov is one such male. The deals with of his art dolls are so practical, it's troubling to guarantee him hold their heads in his hands. When you view his operate in activity, there's just a lot you could do not to whisper “please do not blink, please do not winking, please do not blink …”

Zajkovfinished from Kuban State University of Russia in2009 From 2010 to 2013 he operated at a creature cinema while additionally participating in a grad college. He was moved to popularity after the 2013 “ArtDolls” exposition inMoscow Zajkov's developments have several joints. He makes use of polymer clay for the dolls, hand paintinged glass eyes from Germany, as well as French mohair for hair.

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