Thecase: There are a lot more boundary crossings in Ireland compared to overall of the EU's eastern boundary.

RealityCheck judgment: This holds true – there are 137 land boundary crossings to the eastern of the EU, compared to 275 in between Northern Ireland and also the Republic of Ireland.

SenatorMark Daly, replacement leader of Fianna Fail, got on BBC Radio 4's Today program on Wednesday, reviewing the intricacies of the Irish boundary.

“Theremore than 300 miles of boundary in between the north and also south of Ireland,” he claimed.

“Andthere are a lot more boundary crossings on this island compared to there is in between the European Union and also all the nations to the eastern of it.”

Itis difficult to locate a specific number for the variety of land boundary crossings in Ireland, since there is no conclusive viewpoint of exactly how significant a means or course needs to be prior to it counts as a boundary going across.

An affordable number, however, originates from a web site called, which has an interactive map showing the location of 275 passes through.

Duringthe Troubles, just 20 of them were open.

Whatboosts the boundary particularly complicated is that some roadways go across the boundary a number of times, particularly around Fermanagh.

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MediasubtitleOneroadway converges the boundary 4 times in 10 mins, yet can you put where the crossings are?

Thisremains in raw comparison to the eastern boundary of the EU. On the boundary in between Poland and also Ukraine, as an example, considering a map there are just 11 crossings on a 330 -mile boundary and also the majority of them get on significant roadways.

Informationregarding the EU's eastern border originates from Frontex, the European border and also coastguard firm

Itgauges the land boundary as being 6,000kilometres( 3,720miles) long, covering the boundaries in between EU participant states and also Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and also Russia.

Itcould not provide a number for the variety of roadways going across that border, yet it sent out a connect to a checklist of boundaries in EU nations The listing was prepared as component of the facility of the Schengen passport-check-free area that leaves a lot of the eastern boundary of the EU( although not all – Romania, as an example, is an EU participant yet not component of Schengen ).

Sothe Romanian boundaries are based upon just counting from a map.

Frontexdoes rule out the boundaries with Turkey to be component of the eastern border, although if the last are counted there are 2 land boundaries with Greece and also 4 in between Bulgaria and also Turkey( those likewise depended on a map ).

Sothat commits an overall number of 137 land boundary crossings, regarding fifty percent as several as there remain in Ireland, in spite of being 12 durations its size.

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