TELEVISION Rain broadcasts clips of Katerina Tikhonova and also companion carrying out boogie woogie in an acrobatic rocknroll dance competition

Whenit involves surviving the side of danger, throwing Vladimir Putins little girl numerous feet right into the air could be up there with tightrope-walking or battling a grizzly bear without any safeguard.

Sosave an idea for Dmitry Alekseev, the dance companion of KaterinaTikhonova, that is extensively thought to be Putins little girl.

Tikhonova, that makes use of the last name of her mother's granny, was outed in 2015 by reporters that assemble a string of ideas to exercise her actual identification. When asked whether Tikhonova was his little girl, the Russian head of state declined to comment, claiming his domesticity was exclusive.

Tikhonovahas actually contended in a variety of events in acrobatic rocknroll, a self-control for pairs that includes a combination of energised dance and also virtuosic acrobatic relocations. On Saturday Russias TELEVISION Rain revealed 2 clips of Tikhonova and also Alekseev dance in the boogie woogie course of a competitors.

Reutersreportedthat Tikhonova wed Kirill Shamalov, boy of an old buddy of Putins, at a top-secret event in2013 Since the wedding event, Shamalov has actually gotten shares in state-connected firms worth numerous billions of bucks. Tikhonova is monitoring a substantial job to spruce up Moscow StateUniversity

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