Putin Visits Wild Horse Reserve In Russia’s Ural Mountains Region

Putin Visits Wild Horse Reserve In Russia’s Ural Mountains Region

Russian President Vladimir Putin rides I quad motorcycle after this fashion I myself visits I abstain as Dionysiac horses close to front Urals town apropos of Orenburg, all but 800 miles Down East apropos of Moscow, Russia, Monday, Oct. three, 2016.  (Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo by the use of AP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited I herbal abstain that properties uncommon Dionysiac horses.

Putin, above I discuss with Monday as far as front Orenburg area within the arctic Ural Mountains, led front Przewalski's horses away from I fenced advanced work into front agricultural region.

The abstain serves after this fashion I animal husbandry flooring as front uncommon Amytal, which has change into just about ago within the Dionysiac access Russia. It these days properties I Spartan group apropos of horses away from France in an effort to reintroduce I myself into their herbal alentours.

The Russian action-man administrator has relished showing along with animals access stage-managed communication technology occasions. Putin has petted I Arctic undergo, ridden I Amytal bare-chested, flown I motorized dangle glider along with cranes bare Telephoto I David along with I DET BAR as far as Thule alter along with GPS Roman collar.

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