Thefuture is below and also it's a little unpleasant.

WhiteHouse Photographer Pete Souza shared an honest picture of President Obama having a look at his journey to Yosemite previously this year in event of the 100th wedding anniversary of the National park Instead of viewing the video on a TELEVISION, Obama was having a look at his journey using a digital truth headset. And like anybody utilizing Virtual Reality, Obama appeared rather outrageous.

Naturally, the net bore in mind of Obama being a completely regular individual, and also tossed his foolish stare right intoReddit's Photoshop deals with

Image: Kweeveen/ Reddit

TheState of the Union simply obtained a much more intriguing.

Image: ebilgenius/ Reddit

ClearlyObama has actually obtained a brand-new extremely power.

Image: 6i9/ Reddit

Hopefullythis paint will certainly hold on the wall surfaces of the White House for many years ahead.

Image: chibolamoo/ Reddit

Putincan wait.

Image: frings_demise/ Reddit

Thisone is rather refined.

Hint: There's a PornHub sticker label on the headset.

Image: Moon_Doggie/ Reddit

Therewas additionally a recommendation to one more terrific Photoshop fight.

Image: chibolamoo/ Reddit

Honestly, this is simply remarkable.

Image: myphotoshopaccount/ Reddit

BillClinton additionally made a visitor look, with yet one more pornography recommendation.

Image: FoxQT/ Reddit

Pamobserved a brand-new job.

Image: jackfdonaghy/ Reddit

Andso did April.

Image: djlucario9 9/ Reddit

Bonus: Kitten Virtual Reality

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