By simply applying the opposite sentiment to anything the president says, geopolitics might be moved back into alignment

Name: The negative form.

Age : Somewhat younger than the positive form. Appearance : Transformative. So, what are we talking about here- the negative space in art, occasionally employed itself to form the ” real ” subject of an image or statue ? Negative. Is it a reference to John Keats's negative capability? Has someone shed farther light on the artistic capacity to pursue truth and beauty without the pressure or constraints of logic and science ? That's a hard no. What, then ? We're talking the simple linguistic point, whereby you can take a sentence and by the addition of a “no” or a “not” at the appropriate syntactical juncture, transform its meaning into its opposite.

” I wishing to an ice cream” versus” I would not like an ice cream “? Yes. Except in this case it's more like:” I have committed treason in Helsinki and in full view of the world's press” versus:” I have not perpetrated treason in Helsinki and in full view of the world's press .”

Oh, this is a Trump thing, isn't it ? At the recent summit with Vladimir Putin, the US president rejected the meticulously collected evidence of his own intelligence services about Russian interference in the 2016 election and said:” He[ President Putin] just said it was not Russia. I don't see any reason why it would be .”

Is that treason? Or is it not? It … is. Or is not. Because, after a bipartisan outcry, Trump claimed that he “misspoke” and meant to say:” I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be. Sort of a double negative .”

That's not true, though. You mean you can't get no sense out of it?

No, I can get sense out of it, in the sense that there is no sense to be get out of it because that's not how a doubled negative works . I think you are now not unconfused by the situation. The important thing is that it has sparked some excellent memes and tweets, including CNN contributor Erin Ryan's:” Ask not what your country can not do for you but what you can not do for your country ,” and many others leaping towards:” I did have sex with that girl .” and” I am not a Berliner .” In a weird way, it's a move that could bring geopolitics back into alignment. By his logic, fake news merely became news, Kim Jong-un is a tyrant , not all Mexicans are rapists and women don't like having their pussies grabbed . I wouldn't- and I mean wouldn't- get your hopes up. Do say :” Does this mean Brexit DOESN'T entail Brexit ?” Don't say :” But we'd still have to know what Brexit didn't mean in the first place .”

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