Jared Kushner may not tweet, but he does know about 140 shady characters.

After a report in the Washington Post last week, people were speculating that Ivanka Trump‘s spouse might be the White House adviser described as the next person of interest in the FBI's investigation.

You may recall this person supposedly had coordinated communication between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian officials.

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Whether Kushner is that person is unclear, but now multiple U.S. officials have confirmed to NBC News that the First Son-In-Law is definitely under FBI scrutiny.

According to these officials, examiners believe the enigmatic tycoon has “significant info relevant to their investigation, ” though he has not yet been subpoenaed for that info.

Kushner's lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, participated at the story, telling:

“Mr. Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings. He will do the same if he is contacted in matters relating to any other inquiry.”

Sounds like Jared is willing to cooperate. Then again so was Michael Flynn until all of a sudden he took the Fifth Amendment.

So what does Kushner know?

It is public knowledge now that he at the very least met with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak — yes, the same one Trump spilled secrets to while boasting — and Sergey Gorkov, chairman of a government-owned bank currently under U.S. sanctions.

But who knows? Maybe that's simply the tip-off of the tundra.

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