( CNN) James Comey's CNN Town Hall look at William& & Mary University Wednesday dropped little brand-new light on his stressful, personal conversations with thePresident Nor did it evoke conclusive, eruptive blurb to suggest Trump may be endangered by theRussians

Trumphas actually attacked his very own Justice Department, the FBI, and also individuals that run them– also a few of the leaders he has actually worked with. “Theysee the establishment of justice with ridicule,” Comey informed of the management, informing the group that leading leaders watch it as simply an additional item on the chessboard of power that could be overturned when it's unwanted or in the means. “Thatis an awful area for us to be as a nation.”

Comeyhas actually become an unusual, clear-headed grownup in a country loaded with partial voices planning to cast condemned anywhere other than their very own Democratic or Republican front doors. That came to be clear when Comey was pushed a number of times by target market participants and also by Cooper on why he really did not devote a candid “no could do” rejection to Trump when the President brought in every person from the space and also asked the FBI supervisor to go down the examination right into MichaelFlynn