Ifyou've ever before wished to take pleasure in a leisurely dish with Russian President Vladimir Putin looking at you, below's your chance. All you should do is take a trip to Siberia.

Welcometo President Cafe, a restaurant committed to recognizing the splendor of Putin as well asRussia The coffee shop, which lies in the eastern Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, opened up last month.

Dozensof pictures of Putin, from his young people completely approximately his prime ministership, line the coffee shop's wall surfaces. The food selection, an image which was released in Russian paper Komsomolskaya Pravda, includes an illustration of Putin riding a bear shirtless There is also a life-size intermediary of the head of state with which individuals could take pictures.

Ifwhen the dining establishment obtains its alcohol permit, it intends to offer a mixed drink with vodka, grenadine as well as blue curacao, which will certainly appear like the colours of the Russian flag, coffee shop co-owner Svetlana Lautman informed the magazine. It will certainly set you back merely 120 rubles, or under $2.

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters Patrons could take pictures with a life-size intermediary ofthe Russian head of state.

PresidentCafe is the initial coffee shopin Russia that is completely committed to Putin, Dmitry Zhdanov, the coffee shop's various other proprietor, informed Reuters.

” I myself am a patriot, yet I could see that not everybody is pleasedwith their lives in the nation,” Zhadnov informed Siberian on-line magazineSib fm. “Sowe determined to offer individuals with an area where they could consume well as well as reasonably, yet likewise bear in mind Russian success in a pleasurable, patriotic environment.”

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters I still have somanti-Westernbelief in the restaurant.U.S. President Barack Obama's face is published on the bathroom tissue.

Someof the coffee shop's accessories could come across as a little offending to some site visitors. Step inside the restroom as well as you'll locate flooring mats highlighting the United States flag, on which clients tip when they clean their hands. Toilet paper has U.S. President Barack Obama's face released on it. Paintings of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel are likewise installed on the restroom wall surfaces.

Thedoor to a shower room is identified “NATO,” the consortium of Western nations that was the Soviet Union's Cold War foe. While Russia as well as NATO developed polite connectionsin 1991, their partnership continues to be strained. NATO nations are presently developing their biggest armyexistence in eastern Europe given that the Cold War in an initiative to respond to a significantly hostile Russia.

Butevery one of these tricks are “simply service,” as well as “absolutely nothing individual” to the political leaders, Zhdanov informedReuters “I am neutral towards Western political leaders,” he included.

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters Photosof U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel line the restroom wall surfaces. These tricks are “absolutely nothing individual, “a coffee shop co-owner urges.

Everythingin the dining establishment appears to have a political tint to it– also the food.

“Someoneasked us for hen Kiev,” a prominent recipe called after the Ukrainian funding, Lautman informed KomsomolskayaPravda “Atthe President Cafe! We could make it, yet we'll need to call it something various.”

Russiaas well as Ukraine presently have a stretched connection: Russiansoldiers stormedright into the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea 2 years back, as well as linked the locationsoon afterwards. Subsequently, pro-Russianseparationists as well as Ukrainian soldiers started combating, which the United Nations claims has actually eliminated over 9, 100 individuals

Seventy- 3 percentof Russians count on Putin, inning accordance with current point of view surveys. While this number is 10 percent below it was in 2015, it continues to be “dizzying by Western requirements,” inning accordance withReuters Just 51percentof Americans authorize of Obama, inning accordance with Gallup's newest once a week survey mean. His highest possible once a week mean was 67 percent in 2009, soon after his commencement.

Takea consider even more of these pictures, taken by Reuters professional photographer Ilya Naymushin recently, listed below.

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters

A male searches in a mirror bordered by pictures of Putin in the PresidentCafe

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters

A waitress straightens out a prow incorporate the colourings of the Russian nationwide flag.

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters

Guestscould take a look at a picture of the German chancellor in the restroom.

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters

Visitorsdepend on carpets portraying the United States flag in the President Cafe's restroom.

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters

Peoplein President Cafe, where pictures of Putin line the wall surfaces.