( CNN) A generally mild-mannered Jeff Sessions carried outrage and outrage during his testimony before the Senate intelligence committee hearing on the Russia investigation on Tuesday. Throughout the 21/2 hour probe, two things became crystal clear: Republican senators want to get to the bottom of Russian interference in our election process and Democratic senators are focused on uncovering confidential information in an effort to sabotage the Trump presidency.

The attorney general gave a passionate opening statement addressing the need to investigate Russian interference with our elections. Sessions' demeanor heated up as it became obvious he felt wronged by comments made by fired FBI Director James Comey. This hearing was , no doubt, his opportunity to set the record straight on all fronts.

Committee Chairman Richard Burr, who began the questioning, was wise to highlight the four main areas of focus: Sessions' role in the Trump campaign's foreign policy postures, the attorney general's contact with Russian operatives, Sessions' reason for recusing himself from the Russian probe, and his role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.