( CNN) What a big double bill it was — President Donald Trump taking the world stage for a nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, just as his former fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, was appearing before a Congressional committee for a one-man revue about schemes, lies and porn-star payoffs.

“Cohen described a human devoid of principles and determined to win in pursuit of money, power and prestige, ” Ghitis said. “And, in Hanoi, we watched the risks of having such a human as President.”

She was referring, in part, to Trump's “shameful” betrayal of an American citizen, Otto Warmbier, when Trump told the world that he accepted the dictator's word that Kim didn't know North Korea had fatally tortured Warmbier. “Trump has a well-established affinity for despots, and he's known for taking their word over that of his own experts, ” she noted, quoting his absolutions of Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman.