Westerville, Ohio( CNN) If anyone had doubts that Elizabeth Warren has confiscated the mantleas the new front-runner in the Democratic field, they were laid to rest on Tuesday night as she became the target of almost every rival on the debate stage — fending off attacks on everything from the leftist bent of her ideas to whether she is capable of a yes-or-no answer on taxes.

It was one of the first times Warren had to face a barrage of critiques from her Democratic competitors, navigating many of the critical comments usually aimed toward Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

It was the moderates in the race who targeted the newly minted front-runner the most. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg set that aggressive tone from the initiation of the moments of the discussions held as he sought to seize the centrist lane within the Democratic field. Challenging Warren on her refusal to answer a yes-or-no questions about whether her plan would lead to tax hikes from the middle class, he said her evasiveness exemplified the very reason why Americans are so frustrated with Washington.