– I’m tired, it is hard for me.
– Well, you do nothing, just watching over the newborn!- I heard once from one of my friends in response to my complaints.

Well, he is right in some way- I don’t have to wake up early 5 times a week and hurry-up to the other side of Moscow in a metro carriage packed like a box of sardines. To sit in a traffic jam listening to those iPod ways over and over again. I don’t have to deal with office chores and follow management orders. I stay at home and yes, I do nothing! What a pleasure!

Maybe I’m just tired from boredom and swampy nothingness. I’m having a parental leave. My days all appear the same, like twin brothers and sisters. I get to know the fact that a weekend has started from find my husband in a daytime and not only at waking up and going back to sleep in the evening.

Some mornings start at 9, some start at 5

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