( CNN) Widely taken into consideration ranking outsiders for Russia 2018, Australia's nationwide football group has actually needed to obtain clever in its quote to level the having fun area at the World Cup.

Accordingto Duncan, the intro of the Apple Watch, which permits him to maintain tabs practically immediately on all those gamers, has actually been “essential” in finding out more regarding the participants of the Australian team.

But, not web content with info systems they presently carry hand, his team will certainly quickly aim to take their technology an action additionally.

“We're regarding to make use of an extra innovative innovation where practically 24/ 7 we can check the gamers perfectly,” Duncan informed CNN Sport.

“Justfrom them putting on a wearable as well as keeping an eye on what's taking place, so information flying as much as the cloud as well as us discover it.

“You've reached obtain fairly clever when you've obtained a lot range in between your gamers.”

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