( CNN) Congress is preparing this week to start the process of rolling back multiple regulations, one of which is a bipartisan regulation that requires extractive industry firms, like oil, gas and mining companies to disclose pays they construct to foreign governments for access to national resources.

The rule, the Cardin-Lugar Amendment, became law in 2010 as Segment 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act. After lags by tribunal challenges by some in the oil and gas industry, the Security and Exchange Commission enforced the rule, saying that all external and domestic companies listed on US stock exchanges and involved in oil, gas and mineral resource extraction must publish payments they attain to foreign countries in which they operate.

Michigan Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga is leading the charge for the rule's repeal, which is scheduled for a vote in the House Wednesday. The Senate also will need to vote on this measure, with 51 votes needed to overturn the rule.