( CNN) Hillary Clinton gotten in touch with the United States to obtain Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's Air pressure on Thursday, days after a chemical attack eliminated greater than 70 individuals in the war-torn nation.

“Assadhas a flying force, which us flying force is the source of the majority of these noncombatant fatalities as we have actually thought about for many years and also as we viewed once again in the last couple of days,” Clinton stated in a speech at the “Womenin the World” top in New YorkCity “AndI really think that we ought to have as well as still ought to obtain his air areas as well as avoid him from having the ability to utilize them to bomb innocent individuals as well as go down sarin gas on them.”

Theprevious assistant of state as well as Democratic governmental candidate versus Trump in 2016 stated her assistance for a no-fly area over Syria as well as extra straight assistance for militants.

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