Do you know who Dmitry Rybolovlev is?

Do you know what a FISA warrant is? What about kompromat?

How about Felix Sater and Ziya Mammadov?

Trumps praise of Vladimir Putin and allegations of Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee raised questions during the campaign. Since then, the public has been spate with narratives claiming Russian interference in the election and clandestine connections between Trumps entourage and Russian officials.

But big questions remain unanswered and the relentless inundate of incremental news tales stimulates things even more confusing.

As the House Intelligence Committee gears up for the first public hearings on the alleged Russian interference, what does a reasonable person need to know to begin to make an advised judgment about the evidence involving Russia and President Trump?

Some things are already clear. For instance, theres no question that Trump has deep connections to Russia that go back, at the least, to his first journey in 1987, when the Soviet government arranged and pay money the real estate tycoon to travel to Moscow. Its also clear that Trump has long associated himself with and marketed his properties to Russians and Russian expatriates who profited from transformation of the old Soviet Union into the new Russia.