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“Saturday Night Live” chameleon Kate McKinnon pulled off yet another dead-on impression of a Washington personality, this time conjuring up a barely-contained, gleeful Robert Mueller.

The “Weekend Update” sketch featured McKinnon as the long-faced, toothpick-chewing special counseling who’s so excited about getting the goods on the White House crew. But “Mueller” strains not to spill the beans about his probe into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Asked by Colin Jost how the investigation is going, McKinnon’s Mueller battles not to say anything too revealing, hemming, hawing and smiling wickedly, until she says: “Yeah, we good.”

But McKinnon is dying to say so much more.

“I mean, ” she adds, writhing. “You “ve been waiting” … you’ll see. Situation’s under control. You gotta recollect I have actual footage … I want to tell you so bad, I can’t . … It’s gonna be fun … oh human … Don Jr. he wrote in his Venmo description,' Russia … ’”

“Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, don’t do this, ” she talks herself down.

“Mueller” gets serious when Jost asks about the possibility that the special attorney could be fired by the president. “It’s a little late for that, ” the former G-man responds. “The cat’s already out of the pouch. And the bag’s full of … how do I say this … Michael Flynn’s wiretaps.”

The self-satisfied ’“Mueller” adds: “Colin, you gotta understand: The guy didn’t leave me a trail of bread crumbs. He left me full loaves … seven-grain loaves straight from Panera Bread. I’m having a blast.”

Check out the clip above to hear what “Mueller” says about “Lost” — and what banging on Jost’s desk means.

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