Paul Pogba went into the World Cup with concerns about his role in the France team; he aimed it dabbing and dancing as the heart of the team

If ever there was a hour for Paul Pogba to dab and dance, to snapchat and sing to his heart's content without giving a soul with any sense the opportunity even to tut, this was it. With Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium his stage, he dabbed with president Macron. He dabbed with his mother and friends on the pitch. He dabbed with an iconic 36.8 cm piece of sculpted gold that means everything in football. A world champ, a scorer of a objective that felt result-defining in the final, a fulcrum for his team, a massive personality worshipped back home, the only thing missing was a hairdresser on hand to create a World Cup-shaped cut to mark this most glorious of moments.

With Pogba in his exuberant part- the master of social media filming non-stop in the dressing room, on the bus, promoting all sorts of celebratory prospers with his band of World Cup-winning friends- he felt so central to everything about this French generation. During the course of this tournament his status within the group changed, and even for his own teammates it was difficult to articulate exactly what it was and how it happened. But everyone could feel it.” I can tell you that Paul Pogba, I don't know how and I don't know from where, has become a leader ,” announced Adil Rami.” He demonstrated it to us. He depicted it. He's the one that depicted the style. He was the strong man of the France team .”

His evolution during this tournament into a new various kinds of force-out for Les Bleu s , able to use his power, his presence and his technical skill set with an enhanced sense of being responsible and focus, is symbolic of how this squad clicked into serious competitors during their month in Russia.

Pogba being Pogba, when France arrived for this World Cup his role in the side was being debated. Polemicals about his more enigmatic characteristics, the search for a style to get him to play his best and how to fit him in the tactical strategy of things, bubbled from the off. The scene was not unfamiliar as Didier Deschamps looked tense when lobbed questions on the subject before a ball had even been kicked or an anthem sung.

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